Laura gets asked lots of general yoga and pregnancy yoga related questions, we will keep this section updated all the time when more pop up so keep checking back to see if your query is answered here, but if not please get in touch!

How do I book?

Booking is recommended prior to the class, as there are a limited number of mats provided, booking will ensure you have a space and a mat. Please visit the booking section of the website to book in for your single class or 5/10 class pass.

What do I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing, so you have lots of freedom of movement. You will also be barefooted or you could wear grip socks if you prefer to keep socks on. You may like to bring some socks or a warm jumper or blanket for relaxation (savasana) at the end of the class. For pregnancy yoga you may like to bring your own blanket to place as a support and extra cushioning under your knees.

What do I bring?

We provide yoga mats and equipment, they are first-come first-served but you are guaranteed a mat and equipment if you have pre-booked your lesson online. If you have your own, you’re welcome to bring your own too.

What if I’m not very flexible?

If you want to improve your flexibility, a regular yoga practice is one of the best ways, your body will become more flexible over time.

Should I eat or drink before I come to class?

For a regular yoga class, we recommended refraining from eating for 2 hours before a class, if you need to have a light snack for an energy boost at least half an hour before class then that is fine (e.g. an energy ball, juice or piece of fruit).  For pregnancy yoga try to refrain from eating a large meal an hour before class but again a light snack, such as an energy ball, juice, piece of fruit or handful of nuts are fine to have prior to class. We also encourage you to bring you own water to class to sip regularly throughout the practice.

I am new to yoga, I have never done any before. Can I still come?

Yes, 100%, everyone is welcome to our yoga classes. At the moment our group yoga classes are ladies only and the pregnancy yoga classes (well, obviously pregnant ladies only). Laura offers private 1-1 lessons for men and women.

I have just found out I am pregnant, when can I join your classes?

You are welcome to join our pregnancy yoga classes from 14 weeks onwards. Laura is certified to a standard of excellence as a pregnancy yoga teacher and antenatal educator, so any questions please ask Laura, you will also be asked to fill in a new starter form when you join.

Can I still go to my regular yoga class even though I am pregnant?

No. You will need to now attend pregnancy yoga classes by a certified and trained pregnancy yoga professional. Laura is trained to the FEDANT and Yoga Alliance Standards for pregnancy yoga. You must ensure your teacher is trained in pregnancy yoga to a high standard. If you have a regular yoga practice, you should now start to go to pregnancy yoga classes. Laura is also first aid trained and certified by the St Johns Ambulance.

I am not 14 weeks pregnant yet, is there anything I can do?

Yes, Laura can provide 1-1 classes for you, until you are 14 weeks. This will focus on breathing and relaxation techniques, these are highly beneficial to help with your hormones, moods and exhaustion associated with early pregnancy.

Can I buy a gift voucher for your classes for a friend/family member?

Yes you can, you can use a Love Me Yoga gift voucher to give as a lovely gift to a friend or family member. Please contact us to find out more.

If I miss a class can I get a refund?

Members will be charged for a session where a cancellation or the rescheduling of a session is not made online at least 12 hours prior to the start of the class.

What if I am injured/ have a health issue?

Yoga can be beneficial for many injuries, however please let your teacher know know prior to booking in for a class so the teacher can determine the suitability of the class for you, it would also be recommend to speak with your GP, doctor or health care professional and bringing a letter with to say you are fit to practice. Class poses can be adjusted to your needs in most cases.